Documentary Film Project by Leonid Kruglov

The film covers a unique expedition itinerary in the Russian Arctic and Northern Siberia. It represents a daring exploration through more than 10,000 km of wilderness of Northern Eurasia, meeting its indigenous peoples, and a celebration of a noble adventurers' spirit that is bound to be appreciated by the viewers. 


"The Great North Way" unites visual experiences from 7 Russian regions from Archangelsk oblast in the west to Chukotka in the east, including the most breathtaking views and extreme environments. 


To tell a story of discovery of the Russian Arctic – one of the most severe and beautiful regions on the planet – we focused on the journey of the famous Russian explorer of the 17th century Semen Dezhnev. One of his geographic discoveries of worldwide importance that can be compared with that of Ferdinand Magellan was proving the existence of the strait between Asia and America. 


Reconstructing Semen Dezhnev's route, we were undertaking a series of expeditions using both modern and traditional transportation means. 


Running time: ___________

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