Onegin, Directed by Timofey Kulyabin

Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk

May 22 – May 31

Welcome to Stage Russia's online presentation of Timofey Kulyabin's Golden Mask award-winning production of “Onegin“, which was filmed before a live audience from the Red Torch Theatre in Novosibirsk, Russia.

This screening of "Onegin" is presented in cooperation with Northwest Film Forum as part of our Support Art-House Cinemas initiative. Pay as you can pricing, minimum $5. Thanks so much!


Written by Alexander Pushkin

Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk

Timofey Kulyabin's Golden Mask Award winning Onegin removes all expectations of Pushkin's novel in verse and places you not in some historical epoch, but in today's world, immersed in the inner thoughts, hopes, despairs, passions and disappointments that drift in, through and around the 4 central figures, Onegin, Tatiana, Olga and Lensky. There are no grand balls, no fans, no lorgnettes, no "Encyclopedia of Russian life". Just a quiet love story that perfectly conveys the attitude of the great poet and how very much his masterwork still resonates with our 21st century reality.

Winner 2 Golden Mask Awards 


"Every gesture, stare or word is infused with Pushkin's mercilessness and tenderness" – Russian Sibnet


"Director Timofey Kulyabin is one of the most interesting directors of his generation and a virtuoso pro" – St Petersburg Theatre Journal

Creative Team

Director – Timofey Kulyabin

Set Design – Oleg Golovko

Choreographer – Artur Oschepkov

Lighting Designer – Denis Solntsev

Assistant director – Natalya Yarushkina

English Translation by Anna Zakharyeva


Onegin – Pavel Polyakov

Lensky – Sergey Bogomolov

Olga – Valeriya Kruchinina

Tatyana – Daria Yemelyanova

Zaretsky – Georgy Bolonev

Nanny – Elena Zhdanova

Tatyana's husband – Konstantin Kolesnik

and Irina Krivonos, Linda Akhmetzyanova, Daniil Lyapustin

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