Podstrochnik (Documentary Series)

Directed by Oleg Dorman

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Directed by Oleg Dorman

A child of the 1920s, Lilianna Lungina was a Russian Jew born to privilege, spending her childhood in Germany, France, and Palestine. But after her parents moved to the USSR when she was thirteen, Lungina became witness to many of the era’s greatest upheavals. Exiled during World War II, dragged to KGB headquarters to report on her cosmopolitan friends, and subjected to her new country’s ruthless, systematic anti-Semitism, Lungina nonetheless carved out a remarkable career as a translator who introduced hundreds of thousands of Soviet readers to Knut Hamsun, August Strindberg, and, most famously, Astrid Lindgren. In the process, she found herself at the very center of Soviet cultural life, meeting and befriending Pasternak, Brodsky, Solzhenitsyn, and many other major figures of the era’s literature. Oleg Dorman's brilliant film, which became a sensation when finally released over 4 nights on Russian television in 2009, fully captures her extraordinary life ― at once heartfelt and unsentimental ― is an unparalleled tribute to a lost world.

A 15 Episode Documentary Series

Language: Russian w/ English subtitles

Creative Team

Director: Oleg Dorman

Cast: Lilianna Lungina 

Producers: Felix Dektor, Oleg Dorman, Irina Martynova

Director of Photography: Vadim Yusov

Second Camera: Rodion Varshavsky

English Translation: Anna Zakharyeva

"There is a problem with this film. It's a simple problem which cost us 10 years persuading producers and then broadcasters to finish and present the film. “Podstrochnik” is out of genre. It's neither a film about the history of Russia in the 20th century (though it also is), nor a story of a woman (though it, of course, is). If one needs to decide on which "shelf" to put it, then choose the one with fiction. Or displace your Proust set to memoirs."

Oleg Dorman


Lilianna Lungina 

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