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Directed by ‎Nikolai Gostiukhin

Written by Ivan Vyrypaev

Production: Process Theater Bureau

Nikolai Gostiukhin's reimagining of Ivan Vyrypaev's ILLUSIONS is presented as a teleplay, with Vyrypaev's series of separate monologues transformed into a couples therapy session. This conceit adds a new dimension to Vyrypaev's masterful text, with the viewer losing the sense of a fourth wall, as the characters are talking to it, to us.

Presented in Russian with English subtitles.

Фото: Александр Андриевич

Язык: Русский

Перевод: Английские субтитры

Продолжительность: 1 час 32 минуты (без антракта)

Director Nikolai Gostiukhin on the production:

My film is based on the cult play by Ivan Vyrypayev and consists of monologues by four people, two young married couples, telling the touching story of the lives of two elderly married couples who had been lifelong friends. I set the teleplay in a therapist's office, where the two young married couples come in one by one. They tell the stories of Danny, Sandra, Albert and Margaret, who lived together as good friends and only in their old age realized the ambiguity of their life experiences. However, the young characters tell these stories for a reason. They have come here to talk about the anxieties and worries they have accumulated during their marriages through the metaphorical account of the lives of two elderly married couples. And only here in this office, will the characters be truly able to hear each other and overcome the crisis of their relationship. I came up with the idea to shoot this as teleplay, a form I had always had a special interest in. As a child I watched many television plays made by renowned Russian and Soviet directors (Efros, Tovstonogov, Lyubimov), and I am a big fan of Sidney Lumet's television play "Twelve Angry Men". My performance is done in such a way that it is in dialogue with the viewer, placing the viewer in the shoes of the therapist, to whom the characters have come to talk about their problems and anxieties. And only the viewer can decide whether in the finale the characters have managed to find mutual understanding, or whether this is the end of their relationship.

Постановочная группа

Режиссёр – Женя Беркович
Автор – Светлана Петрийчук
Продюсер – Александр Андриевич
Сценограф и художник по костюмам – Ксения Сорокина
Композитор – Ольга Шайдуллина
Ассистент режиссера – Амина Миндиярова
Преподаватель вокала – Светлана Сперанская
Художник по свету – Елена Перельман


Наташа Горбас
Анастасия Сапожникова
Юлия Скирина
Мариэтта Цигаль-Полищук
Светлана Сперанская
Маргарита Толстоганова
Ира Сова
Наталия Сапожникова
Леоника Констанинова

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