Stage Russia is an intercultural project that films performances presented by the finest theater companies in Russia and distributes them in HD, translated and subtitled, into cinemas, arts centers and universities across the globe. 


In recent years, we've added Russian-centric documentaries and arthouse cinema into the mix. Our aim is to share the beauty of Russian culture, which in these politically charged times can act as an olive branch between East and West, unified by something universally understood. You can find a listing of current screenings HERE.


In addition to cinema screenings, many of our titles are available, all with English subtitles, for free online streaming at thousands of universities and public libraries in dozens of countries. Paid streaming is also offered via the Stage Russia App or our partner Digital Theatre. You can find full information on streaming options HERE.


Finally, for those professors at universities looking for a way to convey both the brilliance and breadth of Russian theater, we offer an On-Campus Screening Licensing program, providing access to all our films both past and present. Information on that can be found HERE.


Thanks so much for your interest in what we're doing. Please feel free to CONTACT US and ask any questions, make any requests, provide any suggestions. We're all ears!


Eddie A.