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Stage Russia began in 2016 as an intercultural project that filmed performances presented by the finest theater companies in Russia and distributed them in HD, translated and subtitled, into cinemas, arts centers and universities across the globe. 


While we continue to work towards furthering this goal, to film and deliver new presentations into cinemas, we very much understand the current political reality and have shifted our attention, in large part due to bans, firings and arrests of Russian artists and their productions, to helping preserve their works via streaming that might otherwise vanish forever.


We offer here on our site a wide variety of filmed performances on a wide variety of platforms in a wide variety of languages. Many of these films, plus a bevy of theatre and art related documentaries, are available for rent or purchase on our video on demand platform, while others are available free of charge on thousands of university and public library platforms across the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, you can find our films on partner sites in Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary and South Korea, all translated and subtitled in the respective countries’ languages.

Thanks so much for your interest in what we're doing. Please feel free to CONTACT US and ask any questions, make any requests or provide any suggestions. We're all ears!

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