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Written by Leo Tolstoy

Moscow Operetta Theatre

A spectacular, breathtaking, high-tech musical production based on the masterpiece by Leo Tolstoy. The dramatic and tumultuous love story between the married Anna Karenina and a dashing military officer, Alexey Vronsky, takes place amidst the glitter and luxury of the Russian nobility in the second half of the 19th century. 


The musical’s characters struggle with overwhelming of love and betrayal, passion and duty, hope and desperation. Although almost a century and a half has passed since the time of the story, the events unfolding before the audience are gripping and touching in their timeless quality.


Captured on film before a live audience from the Moscow Operetta Theatre.

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Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time: 2 hours 12 minutes

"The show is a marvel, seamlessly transitioning from train station to concert hall to ice rink" - Moscow Times

"Drama is present in every song." - Russia Beyond the Headlines

"A visual feast" - The Theatre Times

Creative Team

Producers – Vladimir Tartakovskiy, Alexei Bolonin

Libretto – Yuliy Kim

Music – Roman Ignatyev

Director – Alina Chevik

Choreographer – Irina Korneeva

Musical director – Konstantin Khvatynets

Set&costume – Vyacheslav Okunev

Lighting – Gleb Filshtinsky

Wigs & Make-up – Andrey Drykin


Anna Karenina – Ekaterina Guseva

Alexey Vronsky – Sergey Lee

Alexey Karenin – Alexander Marakulin

Kitty Shcherbatskaya – Natalia Bystrova

Konstantin Levin – Denis Demkiv

Stiva Oblonsky – Andrey Alexandrin

Princess Betsy – Karine Asiryan

Master of Ceremonies – Maxim Zausalin

Patti – Oxana Lesnichaya

Countess Vronskaya – Lika Rulla

Prince Shcherbastsky – Alexander Markelov

Princess Shcherbatskaya – Ella Merkuylova

Seryozha – Stanislav Bezgin

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