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The Blue Bird

A trilogy

Stanislavsky ElectroTheatre

Blue Bird. Journey

In Part One Tyltyl and Mityl set out on their quest. Vladimir Korenev and Aleftina Konstantinova recall their childhood during the war, their parents, the making of the legendary film Amphibian Man, and their colleagues at the old Stanislavsky Theatre.

Blue Bird. Night

In Part Two Tyltyl and Mytyl find themselves in the Palace of Night. Vladimir Korenev and Aleftina Konstantinova reminisce about their marriage, Korenev’s fans, The Seagull at the Moscow Art Theatre, and the coup of 1991.

Blue Bird. Bliss

Tyltyl turns up in the Garden of Delights, but of all the Delights he most appreciates the warmth of the Home Hearth, where Mytyl awaits him. Korenev remembers touring to Ivanovo, where he nearly fell victim to a harem of seamstresses.

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Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time:
Day 1 - 178 min; Day 2 - 171 min; Day 3 - 92 min

Creative Team

Director: Boris Yukhananov

A play by: Maurice Maeterlinck
Based on memoirs of: Aleftina KonstantinovaVladimir Korenev
Set designer: Yury Kharikov
Costume designer: Anastasia Nefedova
Video set designer: Stepan Lukyanov
Composer: Dmitri Kourliandski
Choreographer: Andrei Kuznetsov-Vecheslov

Lighting Design: Yevgeny Vinogradov
Makeup artist: Ksenia Gorcheva
Sound design: Andrei Guryanov
Choirmaster: Arina Zvereva
Conductor: Vladimir Gorlinsky

Chinese language teacher: Lee Sin
Instructors Tai Chi: Nikolai Dmitrov, Ilya Kozin
Japanese Noh choreography: Viktor Nizhelskoi
Master classes on the basics of Noh: Haruhisa Kawamura


Mytyl - Aleftina Konstantinova

Tyltyl - Vladimir Korenev 

To see a full list of all performers in the production,

refer to the final credits of each "Day" of the film.


Yukhananov Looks Back and Forward in Passionate 'Blue Bird, John Freedman, The Moscow Times

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