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EUGENE ONEGINVakhtangov Theatre (190 minutes)

ANNA KARENINAVakhtangov Theatre (120 minutes) 

THE BLACK MONK, MTuZ (110 minutes)

THE SEAGULL, Satirikon Theatre (215 minutes)

THE SUICIDE, Theatre Art Studio, (165 minutes)

UNCLE VANYA, Vakhtangov Theatre, (165 minutes)

THE THREE SISTERSRed Torch Theatre, (236 minutes)

DRILLALIANS, Stanislavsky ElectroTheatre, (165 minutes)

KING LEAR, Satirikon Theatre, (170 minutes)

ONEGIN, Red Torch Theatre, (160 minutes)

SMILE UPON US, LORD, Vakhtangov Theatre, (167 minutes)

REZO, Animated movie, Available August 22

COUNT ORLOV, Moscow Operetta Theatre, Available October 3

THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, Eifman Ballet, Available November 7

FORCE OF NATURE NATALIA, Documentary Movie, Available December 5

CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Red Torch Theatre, Available January 16

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