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Directed by Dmitry Krymov

Production: Moscow Theatre "School of Modern Play"

Inspired by a 1975 American touring production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” he visited as a young man, Dmitry Krymov’s “Everyone is Here” is a memory piece, a starting point for a flight of imagination and immersion into his own past. Wilder’s “Our Town” is superimposed on the personal memories of Krymov, his biography and events from his family life. The structure of the play gives rise to an interweaving of events, memories, reminiscences, fantasies, associations, dreams - a carefully planned, as if random confusion, which in the finale leads the viewer to a keen awareness of their own life. Nominated for five 2022 Golden Mask Awards, including Best Play and Best Director. Featuring Alexander Feklistov and a memorable Maria Smolnikova.

"Dmitry Krymov is one of the world's finest theatermakers", The New York Times

Presented in Russian with English subtitles.

In Cinemas February 2022.

Photos: Yuri Bogomaz

Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time:  1h  45min 
(No Intermission)

DMITRY KRYMOV graduated from the Moscow Art School Studio in 1976, after which he started work at the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre. There, as a set designer, he participated in productions by his renowned father, director Anatoly Efros. In 2002, at age 48, Dmitry embarked on a new career as a director, and since then his productions have won seven Golden Mask awards, and he has staged his works in the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Estonia among many other countries. Krymov is a holder of Crystal Turandot and Stanislavsky awards. He is widely considered one of the finest directors in the world today.

Creative Team

Director and Author – Dmitry Krymov

Stage Design – Maria Tregubova

Lighting Design – Ivan Vinogradov

Choreographer – Oleg Glushkov

Puppet Instructor – Maksim Kustov

Music Director – Vera Nikolaeva

Stunt Coordinator – Konstantin Mukhanov

Assistant Director – Viktoriya Vyazovskaya

Special Thanks to Zaur Zugumov for Anton Chekhov's text adaptations


The Stage Manager – Aleksandr Feklistov 

The Director – Aleksandr Ovchinnikov

Nonna Mikhailovna Skegina / Sonya Golden Hand - Maria Smolnikova

Mr. Gibbs – Yury Chernov

Mrs. Gibbs – Julietta Gering

Mr. Webb – Nikolay Golubev

Mrs. Webb – Olga Gusiletova

Joe Crowell – Aleksandr Seppius

George – Kirill Snegirev

Emily – Olga Grudyaeva 

Mrs. Soames – Viktoriya Kruchkova 

Mother  – Tatyana Tsirenina

Father / Chekhov – Pavel Drozdov

Anatoly Ivanovich – Vladimir Shulga

Grandmother – Olga Nadezhdina

Chekhov (Bottom Half) – Sergey Pokidin


The Golden Mask Festival, by Emiliia Dementsova, The Theatre Times

"Dark. Messy. Assaultive. Inscrutable. Even From Your Couch", by Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times

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