Written by Ivan Vyrypaev

Directed by Igor Sergeev, Vladimir Kuznetsov

Production: Takoi Theatre, Saint Petersburg


Igor Sergeev and Vladimir Kuznetsov’s multi Golden Mask nominated production of Ivan Vyrypaev’s thought-provoking and timely “Iran Conference” takes place at a symposium in Denmark where influential public figures and scientists gather to discuss the current clash of modern Western liberal ideology with traditional religious consciousness and way of life. An attempt to present reports prepared by the lecturers quickly transforms into a lively conversation about spirituality, ethical dilemmas and personal experiences related to the condition of humanity today. Vyrypaev’s aim is, of course, not to deliberate on the East/West friction, but to present a true-to-life philosophical parable about humanity, faith and love. 

Presented in Russian with English subtitles.

In Cinemas January 2022.

Iran Conference
Iran Conference

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Iran Conference
Iran Conference

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Iran Conference
Iran Conference

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Iran Conference
Iran Conference

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Photos: Andrey Sukhinin

Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time:  2h  30min 
(with 10min Intermission)

IVAN VYRYPAEV is the best-known and most frequently staged contemporary Russian playwright, theatre and film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. The New York Times has described him as 'Europe's most promising playwright'. After graduating from the Theatre Academy in Irkutsk, he has worked with theatres in Magadan, Kamchatka and Irkutsk. From 2005-2016 he worked with the iconic Praktika Theater, where he was the artistic director (2013-2016). He has staged several dozen productions in leading theatres across Europe. Vyrypaev's dramas create a new type of communication with the viewers: the actors and the audience are aware of their mutual presence; the defective language becomes simultaneously poetic and metaphysical. His plays have been staged in the best theatres in the world.

Creative Team

Directors – Igor Sergeev and Vladimir Kuznetsov

Writer – Ivan Vyrypaev

Stage Design – Anvar Gumarov

Lighting Design – Andrey Lebed

Sound Design – Dmitry Madera

Video – Ivan Chernykh, Aleksey Sinitsa

Costumes – Stanislav Belozerov, Denis Gogolev


Philippe Rasmusen – Igor Grabuzov

Daniel Christensen – Leon Slovitsky

Oliver Larsen – Aleksandr Lushin

Magnus Thomsen – Artur Fedynko

Astrid Petersen – Yuliya Grishaeva

Emma Shmidt-Paulsen – Niele Meilute

Gustav Yensen – Stanislav Belozerov

Father Augustin – Aleksandr Khudyakov

Pascual Andersen – Pavel Philippov

Shirin Shirazi – Asya Shirshina