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A documentary film


An in-depth investigation into the working process of Konstantin Stanislavski, who managed to maintain his inner freedom and true artistry within the harsh boundaries of the Soviet system, all thanks to the power of his prodigious talent. The best and brightest of Russian and British theatre, from Kirill Serebrennikov to Yury Butusov to Marina Brusnikina, Declan Donnellan, Katie Mitchell and Lev Dodin express their inexhaustible admiration for Stanislavski and his continuing influence on their day-to-day work, while simultaneously trying to come to grips with his relevance in modern theatre. In the end, the connecting thread is, of course, the human being.


Presented in English and Russian w/ English subtitles

Running time: 80 minutes


Creative Team

Director: Julia Bobkova

Scriptwriters: Julia Bobkova, Oleg Shishkin

Music: Marina Makarova

Editors: Julia Bobkova, Artur Anayan

Executive Producer: Karina Sharafutdinova

Producer: Alexey Telnov


Marina Brusnikina
Yuriy Butusov
Lev Dodin
Declan Donnellan
Veniamin Filshtinskiy
Oskaras Korsunovas
Renata Litvinova
Ivana Chubbuck
Meryl Streep
Nikita Mikhalkov
Katie Mitchell
Kirill Serebrennikov

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