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Directed by Viktor Ryzhakov

Written by Ivan Vyrypaev

Production: Art for the People

5 AM. Barbara and Werner, 7 years into their marriage, have been arguing since 10 PM. They are on the verge of paying off their mortgage, but look into the abyss of “what’s next?”, opening up the floodgates of pent up anger and resentments. Nominated for 5 Golden Mask Awards, including best actress, best actor, best director and best play, Viktor Ryzhakov‘s staging of Ivan Vyrypaev’s razor sharp comedy “Sun Line” explores the many ways in which modern couples are prevented from making real contact with one another, delving into discourses on unity and difference, unnecessary and important, and about the invisible yet palpable solar line that divides us. Featuring stage and screen stars Yulia Peresild and Andrey Burkovskiy.

Presented in Russian with English subtitles.

Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time:  1h  14min (No Intermission)

IVAN VYRYPAEV: Described by the New York Times as 'Europe's most promising playwright', Ivan Vyrypaev has become one of the best-known and most frequently staged theatre practitioners across the globe. After graduating from the Theatre Academy in Irkutsk, Russia, Vyrypaev worked with theatres in Magadan, Kamchatka and Irkutsk. From 2005–2016 he worked with the iconic Praktika Theater in Moscow, where he was the artistic director from 2013 to 2016. Vyrypaev's dramas create a new type of communication with viewers: the actors and the audience are aware of their mutual presence; the language used is simultaneously poetic and metaphysical. Currently, Vyrypaev is the co-owner and head producer of the WEDA PROJECT theatre company in Warsaw, Poland.

VIKTOR RYZHAKOV is a renowned stage and movie director, and a recipient of countless international theatre prizes including, in 2020, a Golden Mask Award for his production of Ivan Vyrypaev’s “Iran Conference” at Moscow’s Theatre of Nations. Among many other projects, Ryzhakov founded the international theatre group Karaul No.8, which over the years participated in international festivals in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, Tbilisi, Lodz, Vienna and Magnitogorsk. Up until recently he was the Artistic Director of the Sovremennik Theatre in Moscow.



Director – Viktor Ryzhakov

Writer – Ivan Vyrypaev

Stage Design – Nikolay Simonov

Lighting Design – Maksim Birykov

Videography – Vladimir Gusev

Sound Design – Yan Kuzmichev

Stylist – Anna Khrustaleva

Assistant Director – Svetlana Blednaya

Producers – Nikita Vladimirov, Ekaterina Feoklistova


Barbara – Yulia Peresild

Werner – Andrey Burkovskiy



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