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Insulted. Belarus(sia) is a Russian-language experimental feature film in the genre of a filmed reading, created by an international acting, directing and writing team. It tells the story of the first month of the ongoing Belarusian revolution, where the people are protesting after President Alexander Lukashenko, despite exit polls showing him trailing badly, claimed victory in a contested election. The unprecedented national protests that ensued have continued despite mass arrests, police brutality, and the torture of protestors. Andrei Kureichik, a popular Belarusian writer and member of the opposition's Coordination Council, in the heat of his homeland's peaceful revolution, wrote a splendid, powerful play. He sent it to his Russian colleagues, and, in days, a stellar cast, inspired to speak out about the situation in neighboring Belarus, began filming the searing material on their electronic devices. A film of the coronavirus era, Insulted. Belarus(sia) was shot in just one week and is a reminder how solidarity, truth and faith in human values inevitably lead to victory over evil.


Presented in Russian w/ English subtitles

Running time: 89 minutes

SR vod white.png

Creative Team

Directed by Oksana Mysina

Based on a play by Andrei Kureichik

Original Music by Sergei Kuchmenko

Edited by Oksana Mysina

Produced by Oksana Mysina, John Freedman, Andrei Kureichik, Natalya Sindeeva


Cheerful – Lia Akhedzhakova

Oldster – Alexander Topuriya

Mentor – Maria Buknis

Youth – Talgat Batalov

Novice – Anna Sirotina

Corpse – Alexei Nesterov

Raptor – Vladimir Koshevoi

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