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Feature Short

Liompa, based on the 1928 short story by Russian Soviet novelist Yuri Olesha, explores the relationship between an individual and the things that he owns or desires to own throughout his life. The film looks at this relationship from the perspective of three people at different stages: a dying man, a teenage boy and a four-year-old. The gorgeously crafted short film, a crowd favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival, was directed, and adapted by award-winning film-maker Elizabeth Lazebnik and features a captivating performance by Russian stage and screen star Alexey Serebryakov.

Presented in Russian w/ English subtitles.


Running time: 17 minutes

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Creative Team

Director: Elizabeth Lazebnik

Editor: Alexey Romanov

Director of Photography: Mikhail Petrenko

Executive Producer: Olga Kidanova

Producer: Anna Kharkhourin

Composer: Joshua Hemming

Art Director: Donald Young

Production Designer: Rosanna Lagase

Production Designer: Alesia Volchuk

Production Manager: Eugenia Protsko

Assistant Production Manager: Michael Anishenko


Alexey Serebryakov

Stepan Serebryakov

Sasha Romanov

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