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Written by Grigory Kanovich

Vakhtangov State Academic Theatre of Russia

Rimas Tuminas' adaptation of two novels by fellow Lithuanian, Grigory Kanovich, is a dreamy, ruminative, comedic road trip, centering around the parlous fortunes of Eastern European Jews at the start of the 20th century. A period piece that carries a modern conscious, Smile Upon Us, is a Becket-like "Waiting for Jehovah" that has garnered rave reviews during its recent runs in both London and New York, and promises to be just as memorable on the big screen. Featuring three towering figures from the Russian stage, Viktor Sukhorukov, Aleksei Guskov and Vladimir Simonov.

Release Date: February 7, 2019


Formats: DCP, LANsat, Eclair Digital, Blu ray or MP$

"A comic, epic 'Waiting for Jehovah" - Guardian, London

"I wouldn't have wished it a moment shorter. This is food

for the soul" - Independent, London

"Viktor Sukhorukov is otherworldly, ecstatic and altogether heartbreaking" - NY Times

Language: Russian
Translation: English subtitles
Running time: 2 hours 32 minutes

About the Director: A recipient of the State Prize of the Russian Federation, the National Prize of Lithuania, a Golden Mask Award and the Order of Friendship for his major contribution to the development of cultural ties with the Russian Federation, Rimas Tuminas is undeniably one of the most decorated stage directors in Russia today. His works have been presented across the globe from Shanghai to New York, and since taking over as Artistic Director at Moscow's Vakhtangov Theatre, he has transformed the legendary theatre into a venue of must-see events. His productions of Eugene Onegin, Uncle Vanya and Smile Upon Us, Lord have all garnered rave reviews and has earned praise from fellow artists, including Ralph Feinnes, who considers Tuminas' Uncle Vanya to be" his "favorite performance, a performance of his heart." 

Creative Team

Director - Rimas Tuminas

Writer - Grigory Kanovich

Set Design and Costumes - Adomas Jacovskis

Music - Faustas Latenas

Lighting Designer - Maya Shavdatuashvili


Efraim Dudak – Vladimir Simonov

Šmulé-Sender Lazarek​ – Aleksei Guskov

Avner Rosenthal – Viktor Sukhorukov

The She-goat – Yulia Rutberg

“The Palestinian” – Pavel Popov

Yudl Krapivnikov – Alexander Ryshchenkov

Rabbi Aviézer – Alexei Kuznetsov

Khloyne-Genekh – Victor Dobronravov

Joselé the Gypsy – Vitalys Semenovs

Khasya – Olga Chipovskaya

Nekhama – Oksana Surkova

Feiga – Lidiya Konstantinova

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