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For the first time, we’re making our entire new season available for online streaming simultaneous with our cinema releases!

This Season Pass, priced at $29.99, provides you with access to all our 2021/22 titles on their release dates with no limitations. You will be alerted when a new film becomes available via email and can watch it whenever you wish on your phone, your tablet, your laptop, your desktop or your TV.


This season’s works, listed below, feature productions staged by some of Russia’s finest theatre directors and performed by many of its most renowned actors. All performances are presented in their native Russian language with English subtitles.


To purchase a Season Pass for $29.99, simply click on the button "PURCHASE".

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Directed by Dmitry Krymov

Produced by Leonid Roberman

Based on the play "Boris Godunov" by Alexander Pushkin

A metaphor about the fate of Russia, its rulers and eternal values, Dmitry Krymov’s “Boris” subverts its ideas behind the cover of Pushkin’s text to show a direct line of the current governance of Russia with its imperial past, as well as all the myths on which Russian identity now rests. A flying raven, a poet, a folk choir, saints and sinners, living and dead - all come to life in the twilight of the Provision Warehouses of the Moscow Museum in this new interpretation of a classic work by one of the world’s most renowned stage directors. Featuring Mikhail Filippov, Viktoriya Isakova, Maria Smolnikova and 2021 Golden Mask Award-winner, Timofey Tribuntsev.

Available Now

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Written by Ivan Vyrypaev

Directed by Igor Sergeev, Vladimir Kuznetsov

Production: Takoi Theatre, Saint Petersburg

Igor Sergeev and Vladimir Kuznetsov’s multi Golden Mask nominated production of Ivan Vyrypaev’s thought-provoking and timely “Iran Conference” takes place at a symposium in Denmark where influential public figures and scientists gather to discuss the current clash of modern Western liberal ideology with traditional religious consciousness and way of life. An attempt to present reports prepared by the lecturers quickly transforms into a lively conversation about spirituality, ethical dilemmas and personal experiences related to the condition of humanity today. Vyrypaev’s aim is, of course, not to deliberate on the East/West friction, but to present a true-to-life philosophical parable about humanity, faith and love. 

Available Now

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Directed by Dmitry Krymov

Production: Moscow Theatre "School of Modern Play"

Inspired by a 1975 American touring production of Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town” he visited as a young man, combined with a long-standing desire to create a work dedicated to his well-known parents, Anatoly Efros and Natalya Krymova, Dmitry Krymov’s “Everyone is Here” is a memory piece, a starting point for a flight of imagination and immersion into his own past. Wilder’s “Our Town” is superimposed on the personal memories of Krymov, his biography and events from his family life. The structure of the play gives rise to an interweaving of events, memories, reminiscences, fantasies, associations, dreams - a carefully planned, as if random confusion, which in the finale leads the viewer to a keen awareness of their own life. Featuring Alexander Feklistov and a memorable Maria Smolnikova. 

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Directed by Viktor Ryzhakov

Written by Ivan Vyrypaev

5 AM. Barbara and Werner, 7 years into their marriage, have been arguing since 10 PM. They are on the verge of paying off their mortgage, but look into the abyss of “what’s next?”, opening up the floodgates of pent up anger and resentments. Nominated for 5 Golden Mask Awards, including best actress, best actor, best director and best play, Viktor Ryzhakov‘s staging of Ivan Vyrypaev’s razor sharp comedy “Sun Line” explores the many ways in which modern couples are prevented from making real contact with one another, delving into discourses on unity and difference, unnecessary and important, and about the invisible yet palpable solar line that divides us. Featuring stage and screen stars Yulia Peresild and Andrey Burkovskiy.

Available Now



Directed by Zhenya Berkovich

Written by Svetlana Petriichuk


Zhenya Berkovich’s staging of Svetlana Petriichuk’s provocative, documentary style play, tells the story of a Russian woman who befriends and is seduced by a member of an Islamic radical sect online, goes to Syria, marries him and upon her eventual return to Russia is tried as a terrorist. In recent years, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of such cases in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. From what are these women running? What is driving them to abandon their friends, relatives, universities and workplaces for the promise of some shadowy paradise? All this takes place in the metaphysical space of the Russian fairy tale “Финист - Ясный сокол” where the heroine - Maryushka - seeks and cannot find her betrothed, the mysterious hero, whose face she has never seen and will never see, but is ready to sacrifice everything in order to meet him.

Available Now

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Not available in the Russian Federation.
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